We make use of our in-house design capabilities as well as working closely with our external design partners, and are able to offer design and development services for parts and processes for our customers.

All of our tools are designed comprehensively in 3D, and we work through a review and approval process with our customers before manufacture begins. Any changes or additional requirements can be easily and quickly accommodated during the design phase of the project, and our customers can see a clear visual representation of the end product.

We work with all current data types, and can handle CAD packages from almost any software platform. Our designs are constructed in 3D and can be output to 2D CAD or read-only formats for customer's use and as part of the review and approval process. Our CNC machines read directly from 3D data, and high levels of standardisation throughout our facilities mean that production is always streamlined and high levels of quality are always maintained.

Our design experience stretches across a vast range of tools, materials and end applications, and we are always seeking ways to develop new processes to enable our customers to be more competitive. 

Below is a small range of tools and parts that we have manufactured.

Project Management

As a part of the automotive supply chain, reliable project management and on-time delivery is crucial to our operations. We understand the importance of meeting or exceeding deadlines, and the need for clear and concise communication. We work with any special specifications or standards, and our stringent approach to project management contributes towards a smooth buy-off process.

Visibility and communication are of paramount importance to us, and our standard process for tooling projects is to supply regular timing updates along with any relevant build progress information. We are able to source and manage try-out material and fixtures, and supply T1/prototype level parts prior to tool completion to support project builds or any unforeseen requirements.

We have internal standard processes for part change management and tracking, and utilise capacity planning to ensure reliable build times.


Our reputation and our continued success is grounded in the high quality of the tools we produce and the high quality of the customer service we provide. Our staff are all time-served in the press tooling industry, and we enjoy very healthy working relationships in our environment. We take pride in what we produce and are the first choice for many of our customers. 

For part dimensional verification we use our CMM and checking fixtures where available. Our CMM has a measurement envelope of 1000 x 650 x 650mm, and allows us to measure all of our pressed parts. It also allows for reverse engineering and digitisation of existing parts and tool components for repair or modification work.


Our products serve many different industries and applications. We serve:
  • Automotive
    • Chassis
    • Engine
    • Door
    • Seat
    • Lock and Hinge
    • Interior
    • Brakes
    • Exhaust
  • Aerospace
  • White Goods
  • Yellow Goods
  • Electrical
  • Construction
Below are a few of the manufacturers our tooling produces parts for.

Materials and Processes

We can work with a wide variety of different materials and thicknesses, including:
  • Mild steel
  • High strength steel
  • Deep drawing steels
  • Aluminium (inclusive of hard grades)
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Coated and specialist materials
We work with thickness' from 0.25mm up to 10mm and above.

We commonly work with progression, manual, transfer, and multi-slide type tooling, as well as high speed dies for Bruderer type presses.

We work with in-tool processes such as tapping, nutting, inserting and utilisation of pneumatic systems where required, and have expertise in commissioning this type of process in partnership with our customers. 

Typically our tooling is fitted to presses up to 400t, and we have internal try-out capability up to 200t.